Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you race sailboats?

If you have to ask....

What does it cost to race with Cyclone Racing?

Free!, well almost, there is some basic equipment that you should have. We take turns bringing the beer, and snacks and everyone brings their own lunch for the Saturday and Sunday races.

Sailboat racing has lots of expensive equipment what do I need for equipment?

Common myth that it is expensive to crew on a racing sailboat. You do need some basic equipment. You should dress appropriately for the weather and wear shoes with non marking soles. While racing, shoes must always be worn, no exceptions. Gym shoes are just fine (light colored soles only). Bring a sweater or jacket especially for the spring and fall races. It may be 80 degrees on shore but on the lake it can be quite a bit cooler. I have lots of sailing gloves and a few sets of cheap foul weather gear for you to borrow, but it is a good idea to get your own.

Is sailboat racing dangerous?

Life is dangerous. On Cyclone safety is first and everyone's responsibility. We will take every precaution to ensure the safety of all. The boat will have one life jacket for each person on board and a limited number of inflatable life jackets that you can borrow. If you are not a strong swimmer please ask me for one. NOTE: consumption of alcoholic beverages before or during a race is not allowed! On the way back to the slip we will open some beers and discuss what went right, what went wrong and how we can improve. There also is lots of cheep beer in the club after a race ($1.00 drafts)

I have money to burn what should I buy for equipment?

Items that are nice to have are sailing gloves, knife, inflatable life jacket, padded sailing shorts, foul weather gear and sailing boots (not the leather ones).

What time do I have to be there?

See the schedule for times. It is a good idea to plan to be there 30 min. before the boat leaves the dock. The boat leaves promptly as we have to get out there for the starting gun. If you are stuck in traffic please call the boat and let us know where you are.

What if my schedule changes and I can’t make a race that I committed to doing?

Please give me as much advance notice of any schedule problems that you might have. Remember that sailboat racing is a team sport and your teammates are counting on you to be there.

What time will we get back to the dock after a race?

For Wednesday night races we are almost always back by 9:30PM. On Saturday and Sunday races we should be back by 5:30 PM. The yacht club has a Wednesday night cookout and the club kitchen is open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Do I have to be a member of the yacht club?

No, but while you are in the club you are my guest. Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club is a very low key and causal club. However, you should still be on your best behavior. If you are an obnoxious snot in the club, I will hear about it. The club rules state that no swim suits are to be worn in the club, shoes and shirt are also required. Some of the senior members are funny about this one and will confront violators. As my guest you can use the bathroom or shower and dine in the club as long as I am hanging around.

Why is the boat named Cyclone?

I have a tradition of naming my boats after bad weather. The previous boat was named Tempest.

OK this sounds cool how do I get in touch with the team?

Send an email to